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Finding the perfect home can be impossible

In Montana Samara You can

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Building in Montana Samara

We make it easy to find the perfect layout for your new home.

You have the option of using your own builder. Hiring a builder is not just a business transaction, it is a relationship where comfort, trust and reliability are monumental. We have recommended builders who have your complete satisfaction as their focus, but you are welcome to pick any builder you are most comfortable with. You can choose from one of our home designs or bring your own. You can pick one of our designs and use one of our builders or your own builder.

The process is easy. Visit Samara, Costa Rica to see our properties first hand. Travel the roads, see the views and enjoy the breezes. After you have a good idea of the lay of the land, you can start narrowing down the type of home site you would like to live on. With the variety of designs and layouts that are available we can make almost any site you pick work for the home you want. After picking the home site, you and the builder should meet on the site. After assessing the site, you and the builder will be able to select the home design that would work best and start to make it your own.


Some of our building plans.

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We have everything to make your custom home build a success.

In Montana Samara you can take advantage of our long time relationships that come with being a stable, professional and reputable company. We have established trustworthy and responsible business partners and have negotiated special attention and discounted rates for all of our clients.

Construction in Montana Samara costs from as little as $70/sq. ft. for American standard level finishes to $130/sq. ft. for high end finishes.  This give you the freedom and ability to build how you want and stay within your budget.

Our lots range from $39K for mountain view up to $150K for 1.5 acres of phenomenal ocean view from the very top of the mountain.

Using the mid-way point of $100/sq. ft., a 2500 sq. ft. home would cost $250K  to build.  Put that home on a $100K ocean view lot and you have a home custom built for your specifications and vision worth more than half a million.

See our property map and complete price list below.

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