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Details About Montana Samara Estates Development

Details About Montana Samara Estates Development

About Montana Samara

With several properties for sale in Samara, Costa Rica, Montana Samara Estates is quite spectacular and offers incredible privacy and security. Located in Samara Beach, Costa Rica, we are a unique and ecologically conscious community that is nestled inside a 300 acre sanctuary blending into the imposing mountain landscape with untouched virgin, primary forest with an abundance of life, clean air and water. It is covered with gigantic old growth trees and loaded with wildlife.

Montana Samara rests in the mountains above Samara, surrounded by astounding natural beauty. Samara Beach is a beautiful fine sand beach and is positioned right next to an idyllic coral reef protected bay. Montana Samara Estates overlooks the sparkling Pacific Ocean and offers absolutely stunning ocean view properties for sale in Samara Costa Rica.

We are a beautiful natural reserve that gives you both privacy and security (both for your property and your investment), while also offering easy access to what Frommer’s calls “the most beautiful beach in Costa Rica” and all its activities and amenities.

Home sites for sale in Montana Samara Estates vary in size from 1 ¼ to the largest being about 2.9 acres.

We have over 100 properties for sale in Samara Costa Rica within our reserve and 80% of the properties boast beautiful ocean views. The others offer mountain and valley forest views that stir the soul.

Properties for sale in Samara Costa Rica

There have been 26 home sites sold, and 16 homes completed. We have priced these home sites at least 25% below any current comparable communities so that everybody wins, everybody is happy. Lots start at $30,000 USD for valley views and go to $150,000 for the larger, top of the mountain ocean view lots.

Our Samara style, prestigious community, is mountainous. The lowest home sites are at about 200 meters or 650 ft. above sea level. and the highest at about 400 meters or 1,400 ft. above sea level. The temperatures are about 12 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the beach just 12 minutes away and we enjoy constant gentle, refreshing, breezes.


Montana Samara Estates is a community with residents and owners from all corners of Canada and the US as well as Europe and Latin America. In our community, there are pure land investors (speculators, who have done well) and lifestyle, long term community members. Everyone will benefit from being part of this community both financially and otherwise. That is our goal, that is our philosophy, that is our mission statement. Be well, be healthy, and enjoy life.


A planned community that is eco conscious, Montana Samara Estates is dedicated to the highest standard and developed with the greatest respect for all things “GREEN”. We developed our properties to work within the natural landscape.

You can read more about the Sustainable Green Practices on our development here.

Montana Samara is one of the oldest, most established and reputable communities in Costa Rica. We accomplished this because we have remained dedicated to safeguarding your investment by using a team of professionals that also stand out in their field for their knowledge, professionalism and reputation.

Unlike most developers in Costa Rica, Montana Samara offers our ocean view properties for sale in Samara Costa Rica at pre-construction prices only after all the roads, electricity and water have been put in place. Yes, you read correctly: All of Montana Samara’s infrastructure is in. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you will get what you are promised; a beautiful ocean view lot with road access in a well-established development with the infrastructure complete.


As we have the infrastructure already complete with water, electricity and roads to all of our lots, there is no need to wait to start your dream offshore retirement or vacation home. Our builders are professional home builders who have been building in Costa Rica for almost 2 decades. The most important objective when buying any property in Costa Rica is to contract a professional that has adequate experience and a proven track record in performing such work.

Montana Samara Estates is itself a beautiful natural sanctuary, but to top it all off, you couldn’t ask for a better location; Samara is a beautiful town with friendly people and beautiful beaches. Samara offers a little slice of heaven for those craving real Costa Rican culture with North American amenities and comfort.


Samara Beach rests quietly on the sun-drenched coast of the Province of Guanacaste, 1 1/2 hours from International Daniel Oduber Airport in Liberia and 4 hours from International Juan Santamaría Airport in San Jose.

Samara Beach, Costa Rica, or Playa Samara, is a long white sand beach with gentle water, coral reefs and its own picturesque wooded island in the bay; Isla Chora. Renowned as one of Costa Rica’s prettiest and safest beaches by foreigners and nationals alike, Samara is also one of the country’s traditional, sleepy town feeling “pueblos”. According to the Lonely Planet travel guide, “Samara is one of Costa Rica’s prettiest and safest beaches” and is only 12 minutes from our property.

The town of Samara Beach is not only a charming beach resort, it is tranquil and easy-going ; “pura vida”, as the Ticos say. What does that mean? Just think “Hakuna Matata”! Ticos live this life philosophy so deeply that it is their greeting and their good bye. You will often be greeted on the street and on the beach with “Pura Vida”.

The Pura Vida vibe, sandy coastline of pristine beaches, and active community are the stuff of expat dreams.

Playa Samara is a gorgeous tropical paradise full of Congo monkeys, pizotes, squirrels, parrots, iguanas, butterflies, flowers and beautiful trees.

Despite the very Costa Rican vibe, Samara also boasts an active expat community, comprised of mostly North Americans and Europeans. You will find it easy and welcoming to enjoy the Samara lifestyle and take part in some of the activities that are offered in the Samara & Carrillo beach areas.

There are many activities in Playa Samara to enjoy, such as horseback riding to observe monkeys or the sunset. Wildlife observation, sometimes right from your window where you will spot birds, monkeys, butterflies and other native animals.

This resort beach offers other active recreational activities like sport fishing tours, hikes to nearby rivers and waterfalls, kayaking, snorkeling in Isla Chora, Canopy tours, the Zoo, Spanish lessons, dancing, and of course, surfing.

There is something moving about the simple pleasure of walking along this tropical beach at sunset.
Playa Samara has areas in the bay that offer still waters and gentle waves that please tourists who wish to enjoy swimming in the ocean or just walking at sunset along the beach.

Playa Samara, Costa Rica is a special place in the world with its positive energy and Montana Samara Estates is a very special, one of a kind community in paradise.

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