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Guanacaste Costa Rica

The Province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Guanacaste is Costa Rica’s northern most province that stretches from the Nicaraguan border on the north, down to the Nicoya Peninsula in the south. In between it has hundreds of miles of Pacific coast. This, of course gives you hundreds of uniquely beautiful, often pristine beaches giving you a huge range of choices as to how you spend your time on Guanacaste’s coast. You can choose from very wide beaches that stretch for miles down to small coves encased by dry rocky points. These beaches offer everything from worlds class surf breaks to protected bays with clear water for gentle swimming and snorkeling.


With the Pan-American highway running down its middle, as well as being home to Costa Rica’s second international airport, Guanacaste is easily accessible from almost any other part of the country. From downtown San Jose to Liberia, Guanacaste’s capitol and the gateway to many of its beaches, is 3 ½ hours “straight shot” up the Pan-American Highway (as straight a shot as you can get in such a mountains country). You don’t have to go through Liberia to get into Guanacaste, though. You can take a couple of alternate routes. You can drive to Puntarenas, a 2 hour drive, and then take the ferry from there to one of two ports located on the Nicoya Peninsula. You can also take “El Puente” (The Bridge) which spans the mouth of the Tempisque River over the Colorado Gulf (the preamble of the Nicoya Gulf) onto the Nicoya Peninsula. The turn off to the bridge is about 2 ½ hours from San Jose, and you would be in the city of Nicoya in 3 ½ hours. Nicoya is a hub for the region and peninsula. Which route you choose would depend on which beach you are visiting or the order of beaches you prefer.

To go to some of the northern beaches like Playas Del Coco, Playa Hermosa, Playa Panama, or Nacascolo, or even further north to Santa Teresa National Park, you would go through Liberia. Flamingo and Tamarindo are borderline where you take your pick which route you prefer as the distance and time are about the same.  To go to Samara, Nosara or Carillo, the bridge is your best bet.

The other option is to fly into Liberia International Airport instead of San Jose. Many major U.S. and Canadian airline hubs offer daily flights, both direct and indirect, into Liberia International Airport. From there it is only 40 mins to Playa Hermosa, 1hour to Tamarindo, 1hour and 45 mins to Samara.

Guanacaste is unique from all other provinces in several major ways. It has expansive “Northern Plains” which is home to an ecosystem found no other place in Costa Rica; a Tropical Dry Forest.  Its home to the largest Tropical Dry Forest in the Americas.

Guanacaste offers an equally huge range of accommodations to find the perfect one for everybody. There are 5 Star world famous resorts costing thousands of dollars a night to small backpackers’ paradise, and everything in between. There are high end resort towns, and small traditional fishing towns. You can eat anything from Kobe beef to fresh caught fish which you bought directly from the fisherman.

Long referred to as Costa Rica’s Golden Coast, it is world famous for the beauty and diversity of its beaches. So much so that until recently, the scope, beauty and depth of the ecological richness of its Tropical Dry Forest has been overshadowed. True, Guanacaste offers some the worlds prettiest beaches, but it also offers so much more. It is as diverse as Costa Rica itself. Its variety spans from the Rain Forests around Arenal up and over the mountains of Tilaran, and then down the coastal plains through savannas, mangroves, tropical dry forests and onto the beaches that made it famous.

Running from the north down towards the rain forests, on the eastern part of the province is the Guanacaste Mountains; a prominent almost straight line of beautiful sharp mountain peaks and volcanoes. This mountain rain is home to a large and ecologically varied collection of national parks: Parque Nacional Guanacaste, and Parque Nacional Volcano Tenorio and Parque Nacional Rincon de la Vieja, with its unspoiled waterfalls, bubbling mud pots and hot springs with an active volcanic crater, often called Costa Rica’s Yellowstone Park. All of this just along these mountains. Guanacaste is also home to several other active volcanoes and National Parks. There is Palo Verde National Park which has a huge mixed network of beautiful savannas, mangroves and wetlands, and it is also home to Santa Rosa National Park, which is where you have massive sea turtle nestings.

With so much to choose from in Guanacaste alone, why is Samara so perfect? For one; the weather. In Costa Rica you can literally choose your own weather depending on the altitude and the latitude. This is the key element in finding the right location.

Starting from about ¾ of the way down the south part of Guanacaste you are in the dry forest climate. Though nice during the rainy season when everything is green and there are no shortages of water, due to the very nature of the natural wonder that is the Tropical Dry Forest, it becomes dry and dusty in the summer. This not only keeps things with a layer of dust on them, it causes water shortages in many areas that have developed past the area’s ability to provide water for everyone during the dry season.

Any further south than ¾ of the way south and you are in the humid forest, along with its higher humidity and much more rainy days. No water shortages there, but hotter and stickier. This pattern continues as you travel further south.

Samara is all but straddling 2 climate zones. We are in a transitional climate zone. This has a ton of beneficial impact on the ecological diversity, but more directly to your comfort it means we have more precipitation than further north. This means a lot less of an arid environment, less dust, more greenery longer throughout the year and absolutely no water shortages. It also means we are not pounded 8 months out of the year with torrential rain falls, constantly high humidity and a generally more comfortable climate.

Samara is a perfect balance of chic restaurants and shops, traditional Costa Rican lifestyle, rural feelings and amenities. Guanacaste is a big, beautiful and diverse natural wonder with a ton to do and explore, but you may not want to live just anywhere in Guanacaste. With its multi directional accessibility,  Samara is perfectly located to easily explore not only the rest of Guanacaste, but all of Costa Rica. Come visit Samara, even for just a once in a lifetime visit and you may find yourself understanding why people who have discovered Samara don’t know how it is still one of Costa Rica’s best kept secrets.

Details About Montana Samara Estates Development

About Montana Samara

With several properties for sale in Samara, Costa Rica, Montana Samara Estates is quite spectacular and offers incredible privacy and security. Located in Samara Beach, Costa Rica, we are a unique and ecologically conscious community that is nestled inside a 300 acre sanctuary blending into the imposing mountain landscape with untouched virgin, primary forest with an abundance of life, clean air and water. It is covered with gigantic old growth trees and loaded with wildlife.

Montana Samara rests in the mountains above Samara, surrounded by astounding natural beauty. Samara Beach is a beautiful fine sand beach and is positioned right next to an idyllic coral reef protected bay. Montana Samara Estates overlooks the sparkling Pacific Ocean and offers absolutely stunning ocean view properties for sale in Samara Costa Rica.

We are a beautiful natural reserve that gives you both privacy and security (both for your property and your investment), while also offering easy access to what Frommer’s calls “the most beautiful beach in Costa Rica” and all its activities and amenities.

Home sites for sale in Montana Samara Estates vary in size from 1 ¼ to the largest being about 2.9 acres.

We have over 100 properties for sale in Samara Costa Rica within our reserve and 80% of the properties boast beautiful ocean views. The others offer mountain and valley forest views that stir the soul.

Properties for sale in Samara Costa Rica

There have been 26 home sites sold, and 16 homes completed. We have priced these home sites at least 25% below any current comparable communities so that everybody wins, everybody is happy. Lots start at $30,000 USD for valley views and go to $150,000 for the larger, top of the mountain ocean view lots.

Our Samara style, prestigious community, is mountainous. The lowest home sites are at about 200 meters or 650 ft. above sea level. and the highest at about 400 meters or 1,400 ft. above sea level. The temperatures are about 12 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the beach just 12 minutes away and we enjoy constant gentle, refreshing, breezes.


Montana Samara Estates is a community with residents and owners from all corners of Canada and the US as well as Europe and Latin America. In our community, there are pure land investors (speculators, who have done well) and lifestyle, long term community members. Everyone will benefit from being part of this community both financially and otherwise. That is our goal, that is our philosophy, that is our mission statement. Be well, be healthy, and enjoy life.


A planned community that is eco conscious, Montana Samara Estates is dedicated to the highest standard and developed with the greatest respect for all things “GREEN”. We developed our properties to work within the natural landscape.

You can read more about the Sustainable Green Practices on our development here.

Montana Samara is one of the oldest, most established and reputable communities in Costa Rica. We accomplished this because we have remained dedicated to safeguarding your investment by using a team of professionals that also stand out in their field for their knowledge, professionalism and reputation.

Unlike most developers in Costa Rica, Montana Samara offers our ocean view properties for sale in Samara Costa Rica at pre-construction prices only after all the roads, electricity and water have been put in place. Yes, you read correctly: All of Montana Samara’s infrastructure is in. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you will get what you are promised; a beautiful ocean view lot with road access in a well-established development with the infrastructure complete.


As we have the infrastructure already complete with water, electricity and roads to all of our lots, there is no need to wait to start your dream offshore retirement or vacation home. Our builders are professional home builders who have been building in Costa Rica for almost 2 decades. The most important objective when buying any property in Costa Rica is to contract a professional that has adequate experience and a proven track record in performing such work.

Montana Samara Estates is itself a beautiful natural sanctuary, but to top it all off, you couldn’t ask for a better location; Samara is a beautiful town with friendly people and beautiful beaches. Samara offers a little slice of heaven for those craving real Costa Rican culture with North American amenities and comfort.


Samara Beach rests quietly on the sun-drenched coast of the Province of Guanacaste, 1 1/2 hours from International Daniel Oduber Airport in Liberia and 4 hours from International Juan Santamaría Airport in San Jose.

Samara Beach, Costa Rica, or Playa Samara, is a long white sand beach with gentle water, coral reefs and its own picturesque wooded island in the bay; Isla Chora. Renowned as one of Costa Rica’s prettiest and safest beaches by foreigners and nationals alike, Samara is also one of the country’s traditional, sleepy town feeling “pueblos”. According to the Lonely Planet travel guide, “Samara is one of Costa Rica’s prettiest and safest beaches” and is only 12 minutes from our property.

The town of Samara Beach is not only a charming beach resort, it is tranquil and easy-going ; “pura vida”, as the Ticos say. What does that mean? Just think “Hakuna Matata”! Ticos live this life philosophy so deeply that it is their greeting and their good bye. You will often be greeted on the street and on the beach with “Pura Vida”.

The Pura Vida vibe, sandy coastline of pristine beaches, and active community are the stuff of expat dreams.

Playa Samara is a gorgeous tropical paradise full of Congo monkeys, pizotes, squirrels, parrots, iguanas, butterflies, flowers and beautiful trees.

Despite the very Costa Rican vibe, Samara also boasts an active expat community, comprised of mostly North Americans and Europeans. You will find it easy and welcoming to enjoy the Samara lifestyle and take part in some of the activities that are offered in the Samara & Carrillo beach areas.

There are many activities in Playa Samara to enjoy, such as horseback riding to observe monkeys or the sunset. Wildlife observation, sometimes right from your window where you will spot birds, monkeys, butterflies and other native animals.

This resort beach offers other active recreational activities like sport fishing tours, hikes to nearby rivers and waterfalls, kayaking, snorkeling in Isla Chora, Canopy tours, the Zoo, Spanish lessons, dancing, and of course, surfing.

There is something moving about the simple pleasure of walking along this tropical beach at sunset.
Playa Samara has areas in the bay that offer still waters and gentle waves that please tourists who wish to enjoy swimming in the ocean or just walking at sunset along the beach.

Playa Samara, Costa Rica is a special place in the world with its positive energy and Montana Samara Estates is a very special, one of a kind community in paradise.

Use Your IRA to Invest in Costa Rica Real Estate

Use Your IRA to Invest in Costa Rica Real Estate

With the new policies and direction the US is enacting, the normally stable Tax Code’s laws and rates are in a very unpredictable juncture.

While it is a given that the wealthy will get tax breaks, the uncertainty comes at trying to guess to what threshold will these breaks trickle down.  Surely the rich will get their tax breaks, but someone has to pay for it. Where will the line be drawn as to who gets the breaks and who gets the bill, and what side of the line will you be standing?

Many are taking steps to provide some shelter for their assets from the volatile economic and political climate that is the current reality in the U.S. As the need to insulate the wealth they worked hard to accumulate increases, many of them are now taking their assets offshore.

It is not as hard or as complicated as it sounds or as it once was. And it is no longer only an option for the few super wealthy corporations and individuals.

For the majority of mature professionals’ or aspiring retirees’, their largest asset is their retirement account. Ironically, in many cases it is one of the lowest performing investments in their portfolio. Often these holdings simply sit neglected for years as their custodians tend to allow them to drift in the financial currents.

A great deal of us are unaware of how much control and flexibility we have with these tax-deferred or tax incentivized accounts. For many many years now the very wealthy have used these types of accounts to not only accumulate wealth but also to shelter their wealth offshore… completely legally.

As most things, thanks to a couple of unscrupulous “bad apples”, the term “offshore accounts”, tax havens, etc. have come to have a tinge of illicit undertones. Strangely enough, “offshore investments” doesn’t seem to suffer from the same negative light. Why is that strange? Because offshore accounts are generally created or maintained through offshore investments.

Here is where it gets interesting; not only are these absolutely legal methods U.S. companies and individuals can use to lower their tax liabilities, you can make these investments and therefore get to these offshore accounts, with your IRA and 401(k). Yes, that is right; you can make investments through tax exempt self-directed IRAs.

“Investing through a trust or company organized in a tax haven is a perfectly legal thing to do,” said Stewart Patton, a U.S. tax attorney who specializes in taxes for Americans living and investing abroad.

Until recently two of the main obstacles to most people truly considering this were costs and unfamiliarity, even among most in the industry. Fortunately, over the past several years it has become more commonplace, so much so that the process and the costs have been streamlined. There is now a number of reputable U.S. Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP) and Offshore Investment Lawyers that are fiscally sound, time-tested and, most importantly, operating in a completely legal fashion adhering firmly with the US’s IRS tax laws.

Read Investing in Costa Rica Real Estate Using Your IRA

This has opened the floodgates of options available these account holders as well as started a new trend of asset protection by investing offshore. Offshore investing is simply a wide variety of investment approaches that capitalize on advantages presented outside of an investor’s home country.

Tax advantages

Perhaps the number 1 reason many people are taking their money offshore is for tax reduction. Many countries offer tax incentives to foreign investors. They do this to promote a healthy investment environment in order to attract international wealth. For a tiny country with very few resources and a small population, attracting investors can dramatically increase economic activity. There are several ways that this strategy helps you legally minimize your tax exposure. For instance; if the trustor is a U.S. resident, their trustor status allows them to make contributions to their offshore trust free of income tax. However, the trustor of an offshore asset-protection fund will still be taxed on the income that the trusts generates. Also, because you are not doing business as an individual, and are now operating as a corporation, and the corporation does not engage in local operations, little or no tax is imposed on the offshore corporation.

Asset protection

Another driving force behind moving your money offshore is asset protection. Investing company, whether through your IRA or otherwise, allow you to “reassign” ownership of some of your assets. Basically you simply create and register a legal company in another country, and then transfer the wealth or to that corporation. This provide shelter not only from taxes, but from litigation. By making these on-paper ownership transfers, individuals are no longer susceptible to seizure or other domestic troubles.

Increased verification

Some countries restrict the international investment options to private citizens. Many investors feel this hinders the ability to truly diversified their investment portfolio. Offshore accounts give investors easier access to international markets and to all major stock markets. On top of that, there are many opportunities in developing nations, especially in those that are beginning to privatize sectors that were formerly under government control.

For instance, as of 2010, Costa Rica ratified the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). This deleted that some of the government monopolies should be privatized. As Costa Rica is already a developing nation with a booming economy, maneuvering yourself to be in a position to take part of that emerging market provides you with incredible opportunities.

Costa Rica has long been a favorite offshore investment destination. Why Invest In Costa Rica?

Traditionally structuring your investments and assets to take advantage of all of these benefits has been cost prohibitive for normal citizens and investors. Over the years the streamlined process has made its much faster, safer and cheaper. To use the same example, in Costa Rica it would cost roughly from $500-$800 to register a corporation, known as a “Sociedad Anonima” (S.A) , or an LLC, known as a “Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada” (S.R.L). After that it would be a matter of being able to fund this newly formed corporation.

Here is where having an experienced CISP, who either specializes or is thoroughly familiar with self-directed IRAs is vital. Their fees will range anywhere from $500-$5000 (or more if you’re lucky enough to have that large of an asset) depending on the size and complexity of the account.

Is Investing In Costa Rica Actually Safe?

More than half of the world’s assets and investments are held in offshore jurisdictions and many well-recognized companies have investment opportunities in offshore locales. Still, like every investment you make, use common sense, choose a reputable investment firm, and you must ensure that due diligence is thorough.

Before considering such an investment, it is wise to do some research and make sure you are up to the task. However, if you are thorough, there are some excellent opportunities for investment.

We recommend that you first speak with a CISP about your specific accounts.  They will be able to explain how you can use your 401(K) in coordination with your IRAs to make such and investment, along with the benefits and liabilities.  Done correctly you will be able to avoid any fees or penalties imposed by the IRS.  Then you should speak with a lawyer or law firm that is familiar with the process of creating an offshore corporation. we have several attorneys that have done this type of transaction for years. We would be happy to refer you to one of these attorney in Costa Rica’s top law firms.

Talk to someone about Offshore Asset Protection in Costa Rica.

Our mission is to help people looking to buy properties in Samara, Costa Rica. If you would like any extra information or suggestions, or simply would like to get a list of professionals can speak with, Contact Us. We are here to help.

How to Finance in Costa Rica

How to Finance in Costa Rica

Considering how to finance property in Costa Rica?  Montana Samara Estates can help.

It is important to note that buying property in Costa Rica can be considerably more affordable than purchasing property in the US. A beautiful home surrounded by nature, with an ocean view in Samara, Costa Rica, will cost you only a fraction of what a much lesser property would cost you in the U.S.

So, you have found the perfect property for sale in Samara, Costa Rica but you don’t have all of the capital to close on the deal. What now?

See our property map and price list.

There are several options for you to obtain this perfect property without all the money up front. Some are more attractive and easily accessible than others.

Financing is often difficult for any foreigner. Even as a U.S. citizen in the U.S. if you do not have a stable, moderately long residential history, and no local job or income, having a bank finance a major purchase such as a home or property would prove very difficult. So, you can’t really blame Costa Rican banks for being a little conservative in their lending practices.

Lending Practices & Loan Costs in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been much more of a cash economy than the U.S. Though this helped it tremendously during the economic crash in 2008. However, it means getting your capital from a lending institution generally means very high interests and much shorter repayment periods if you want the interests rates to remain just shy of ridiculous.

Mortgage rates and costs through a bank in Costa Rica can be more than double what you will see in the States.  Closing costs alone can be frightening. In the US, the state with the highest commission rate for mortgage loan charges 1.04%. So, on a $300K home you will pay the bank about $3,000. In Costa Rica, the mortgage commissions are usually in the range of 2.5%. That same mortgage would cost you $7,500 just as a fee.

As for the rates, they are generally done on a sliding scale. For instance; you will pay 9% interest for the 1st year. Then you will be switched to Tasa Basica Passiva (TBP), or Basic Passive Rate (currently 6%) +2.5% for the 2nd year. On the 3rd year it will be TBP +3.5% . From the 4th year on it will be TBP +4.5% . Simply put, on your 4th year you will be paying roughly 10.5% based on current rates.

Contact Us about our 0% financing.

It is easy to see why, even if you could qualify, most people avoid getting traditional mortgages through banks.

So, other than that, what are some preferable options?

Until recently most buyers who require financing chose to borrow funds in their home country. Generally, they look to do it with a Home Equity Line of Credit or take a second mortgage on their house and use the proceeds to fund the purchase in CR. Some of our current residents have found it more favorable to get a second mortgage on their house in their home country and use the cash to purchase property in Costa Rica.

Don’t want to use your current home to finance your home in Costa Rica? No problem, Montana Samara has a better option for you.

Over the last several years, successful, well-established and financially stable real estate developments have started to offer a much more affordable and easier finance option; owner financing. Owner financing is a great way to buy a home or property in Costa Rica if you need some time to “move things around.”

Montana Samara Estates has a wide variety of possibilities with some very attractive and convenient options. We are large enough to be able to comfortably offer owner finance arrangements that are slightly skewed in your favor. Our aim is to generate revenue through sales, not through our financing.  As such not only do we offer favorable financing arrangements, we are willing to sit and work out custom terms based on your specific needs and timeframe.

While the typical owner’s financing is short term with 3 years maximum at an interest rate of 7-9%, with a 50% down payment, we can offer you financing with only 20% of the price down and flexible terms for payment of the balance.

We will work with you to help you buy that property for sale in Samara Costa Rica.

Your interest rates will be based on a combination of the percentage of your down payment and you are required repayment term.

As an example, if you invest with 25% down, and need a 10 year term, we can offer you a 9% rate. However if you have 25% down and only need 3 years repayment, we can offer 7%.

Do you have 50% to put as a down payment and only need a 2 year term? With these factors we can offer you 5% interests, roughly only .75% more than US rates, practically unheard of in Costa Rica.

Ask about our 0% financing options.

Owner financing properties for sale in Samara, Costa Rica through Montana Samara Estates.

With our owner financing there are no monthly payments. Payments are made quarterly, semiannually or annually.

Seller financing can be a huge opportunity for a real estate investor to quickly obtain the asset without immediately presenting the full initial investment amount. It can also allow a residential buyer to close on their dream property quickly, eliminating potentially losing the property, even if the full investment amount is not immediately available to them.

Why do we offer financing?

It often enables buyers to buy now to take advantage of bargain pricing, while allowing us to sell more of our properties for sale in Samara, Costa Rica quicker.

We are able to offer this on many parcels as they are free and clear of debt. So, this allows you to secure your piece of paradise while the prices are still low. Prices and construction costs are steadily rising.

Learn About Building in Montana Samara Estates. 

Being able to secure the land with much less of your savings or available liquid helps you get started building right away. It just makes sense to start enjoying your home or rental income from it as quick as possible. You even use this income to help pay the financing will off.

Because of the unstable conditions in the US and Europe, Costa Rica is looking better all the time to retirees, investors or just everyday normal people who want to get some of their savings or assets safely offshore, away from Uncle Sam’s ever changing rules.

This can be a great investment for you to almost instantly increase your wealth or at least access to wealth:

You add so much value to your property by building. For example; if you build a $120,000 home on an $80,000 lot on Montana Samara Estates, you will have $200,000 invested in a home that will sell for $300,000. There is a strong market for ocean view homes in this price range.

With so many options to help you finance your Costa Rican dream home, there is no reason why you shouldn’t “Carpe Diem”!

Contact us to see your options are for your dream home in paradise.

Living Green in Samara Costa Rica

Sustainable, Green Developing in Samara, Costa Rica

Montana Samara ocean view development started in late 2004. We were fortunate to find a couple of beautiful family owned farms covered with majestic trees and with spectacular ocean views. These were surrounded by land that had been clear cut for pastures. From the start we knew we wanted to develop it with mother earth in mind, trying to make it better than we found it. We plotted our roads and lots to help preserve all of the old growth trees and forests that were left. We work very hard to reclaim most of the forest that had been cut for pastures and help nature recover these lands. We planted thousands of beautiful native trees and ornamentals, including many varieties of fruit trees. Even this effort was done in a very calculated, ecological sound method. No insecticides or pesticides have ever been used on Montana.

Permaculture PracticesGreen Properties for sale in samara Costa Rica

Montana Samara uses permaculture methods. Permaculture is a creative cultivation method that looks at the ecosystem and cultivation process holistically; using the idea that the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts. We approach this guided by ethics and effect design principals ensuring each part is properly balanced as they would normally be found in nature.

Using nature first ethics and applying these values in our development and our day-to-day operations, we strive to go from being dependent consumers to being responsible producers. This also gives you a beautiful place for you to have the option to live that way as well. Practicing this type of living helps build skills that will allow us and our community to be more resilient and be prepared for the changing future with less available resources and thrive even with a break in the commercial food supply chain.

Water is limited resource, and in many areas a scarce one. We work to keep our abundant source of water on the land, soaking in rather than speeding off to the ocean. This permaculture system will guarantee our future water and food production. There is a tone of information on this at www.geofflawton.com. Our property manager, grounds keepers and developer have completed his permaculture course and have learned a lot about soils and water conservation. We are committed to this.

Analog Forestry Practices on Our Properties in Samara, Costa Rica

International Analog Forestry Network defines analog forestry as an approach to ecological restoration which uses natural forests as guides to create ecologically stable and socio-economically productive landscapes.

Montana Samara focuses on “natural silviculture”, which is a process for planting trees that used organic fertilizers like compost, compost teas, bokashi or worm castings, but also adds the essential minerals a cultivation needs to be successful, without necessarily contaminating the environment.

One process that is simple to implement is rather than burning falling trees and cleared brush and contaminating the environment we cut it up and lay it around fruit trees letting it decay naturally and become fertilizer. We work hard to copy local eco-systems in their design and function, ensuring to mix in species that can be cultivated and helps support the wide variety of native wildlife.

Green, Effective, Aquaponics Farming

Properties for sale in Samara Costa Rica are using aquaponic farmingAquaponics is a method of combined fish and vegetable farming that requires no soil. The farmer cultivates freshwater fish (aquaculture) and plants (hydroponics) in a recirculating water system that exchanges nutrients between the two.

We are now building our aquaponic garden system to grow our own non GMO organic produce. We like and have been studying the system designed by Murray Hallam at https://murrayhallam.com. He gets excellent results.

Conserving The Soil With Straw Bale Cultivation

We are also implementing straw bale and compost soil gardens. Alan Windham, a professor of plant pathology with the University of Tennessee Extension has found many advantages of using straw bales instead of soil.

We have so many herbs growing and are continually bringing more in. We have many mature moringa trees, neem, ginger , curcumin, jack fruit, jocote, plantain, chiquisque, lemon, plantano, plantain orange, coconut, banana, pineapple, ginger, avocado, guava, cacao, mandarin, and some others I can’t even identify.

Natural Remedies Right From Your Property or Garden

If you have a stomach ache or other minor problems, one of our workers will go out with his machete and bring back something that will cure it! All natural, directly from our property; teas, extracts and ground herbs. Montana has one of nature’s best pharmacies and is getting better every year.

Donny, our resident naturalist horticulturalist, is setting up the gardens and aquaponics on Montana. He is well versed in many areas of alternative healing from magnetic therapy to herbal healing, cleansing, yoga, acupressure, massage, and even diet control. He loves to help people.

There is a saying that if you stick a broom handle in the ground in Costa Rica it will grow. Of course, this is a little humor about an old expression, but you will notice all over Costa Rica the growing fence lines are made from tree branches placed in the ground and growing into trees.

We welcome residents to get involved in this if they so choose. If not, the produce will be made available to them anyway.


Minimizing Our Foot Print

When Montana is complete we anticipate less than a maximum of a .5 % foot print including homes, roads and infrastructure. This leaves 99.5 % of the land for trees, flowers vegetables fruits, ponds, monkeys, birds, butterflies. Parrots, Toucans and endless other tropical species.

Sustainable, Green Energy

Costa Rica has recently approved feeding ones privately generated power back into the grid for credit against your bill. You can design your solar system so that you have the advantage of the grid with no monthly costs and zero carbon footprint. With the new improvements in alternative energy systems, this is a great option.

Since Montana is much higher than the nearby beach 15 minutes away, it is much cooler and offers fantastic ocean views and breezes. This will help you use much less electricity than in the US to stay cool. With temperate weather, you will not get your normal $500 a month heating bill either!

It really is a nice place to live. You owe it to yourselves to take a look. Watch out for the blue morpho butterflies; they’ll carry you away!

Call now to see our properties for sale in Samara, Costa Rica and see our sustainability efforts first hand.

Samara Beach Costa Rica

Why is Samara Costa Rica so different from other beach towns?

Samara Costa Rica is a special place. I first went to Samara Beach in 1994 and fell in love with it. I found it to be a friendly, charming little town with a beautiful beach protected by a coral reef. It truly had a nice welcoming, hometown feeling. I spent a several wonderful days there. Over the next few years I visited most of the beaches in the provinces of Guanacaste and Puntarenas and saw incredible growth and expansion in most. Unfortunately much of it was not too pretty and environmentally disastrous. The developing that I witnessed in areas like Jaco and Tamarindo, seemed like poor models of “development” in these gorgeous beach areas, and in many cases came at the cost of the the towns’ culture and identity.

In 2004, an old friend from Montana came down and asked if I knew a responsible realtor as he was interested in buying some ocean view land to develop. He said he had done much research and had zero’d in on Samara Beach, Costa Rica. He asked me to visit the property and give my opinion on the feasibility of what he wanted to do, and if he was getting a good deal. Remembering the lovely town of Samara, and after years of having wanted to go back, I gladly said yes.

Expecting the worst, as we came down the mountain and pulled into town, I was amazed! This little beach paradise seemed exactly like I had left it years earlier. Noticeably, there were a few more nice restaurants, but no unsightly high rises and realtor signs everywhere. There were still horses grazing along the streets and a few street vendors selling souvenirs, hammocks, and fruit. There was a new hardware store and pharmacy, so it had gone through some growth, though there were still lots of locals on bicycles and casually walking around town. You could still hear the monkeys in the mango trees communicating back and forth.

Always the eco-concious type, my friend decided on pursuing the sustainable development model. Between that and my old time love affair with Samara, I enthusiastically accepted when asked to get involved. I ended up spending quite a bit of time in Samara. I found it very curious why this town didn’t take off like Nosara, just 45 minutes north on one of the worst roads in Costa Rica. I soon started to see why.

The friendliness, I figured out, was not solely because of the Costa Rican’s general culture of warmth and friendliness. A contributing factor is that for years there had been a couple of Spanish schools and a private spa and massage school in Samara. Most of the students were obviously foreigners and did “home stays” with Costa Rican families for a total immersion learning experience. This built bonds, communications, and understanding between these different cultures that created respect and friendships that carry on still today. Most of the students still return to visit their host families and enjoy this lovely beach town year after year. This makes for a melding between the expats that move here and the locals. The normal culture barriers were already down.

Another interesting thing about Samara is that much of the ocean view land is owned by a few entities that were not development oriented. The general understanding is that Samara will make a stand to hold its low density development and natural setting. One large property (hundreds of acres) overlooking Samara is owned still by a local family that will not sell their “family history and heritage”. Another few hundred acres above the gorgeous nearby Carrillo beach, is owned by Mr.Hitachi, the owner of Hitachi Ltd. and I have been told he loves it as is and will not sell nor develop it.

Surely, there will be more development. Luckily the government has seen the potential damage and loss of charm and characteristics that uncontrolled development can cause Samara. They are carefully scrutinizing the pace and scale of current and future development. Costa Rica has come a long way in better understanding sustainable development and the cost to its national heritage if not.

People are discovering this little paradise at the end of the road and are loving the more comfortable prices and the weather. Samara gets 56 inches of rain a year, which seems perfect to me. Down south it rains so much you have to pull over and let it slack off so you can see the road well enough to drive. There is so much humidity that mold is always an issue. In Samara there is a lovely rainy season with sunny mornings, afternoon showers, and often clear evenings. Everything is green and growing. This starts in May and goes until about the middle of November. March and April things are getting dry and warmer then again come the May rains. There is no water rationing like in many beach areas north of Samara.

There is so much to do here, and its not hard to find people with common interests to do it with. The fishing is spectacular. The annual world sail fishing tournament is often held in Samara. There is excellent snorkeling, diving, surfing, kayaking and other water sports. One can go hiking swimming in pools below water falls, horseback riding, and quadracycle excursions.

Samara Costa Rica is definitely a treasure worth checking out.

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