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Properties For Sale In Samara Costa Rica

Learn how easy owning an ocean view property can be.

Properties for Sale in Samara Costa Rica

Montana Samara Estates – Within our community of mountainous forests, hiking trails and ocean view property, we offer several properties for sale in Samara Costa Rica. With a wide range of views, elevations and prices, we makes it easy for you to find the perfect piece of paradise to build your dream home! Take a close look, your search for properties in Samara Costa Rica may be over.

With almost 300 acres of private ocean view reserve, you will be living in an eco-conscience community developed to enjoy this natural beauty while minimizing our impact on the environment. Samara Beach Costa Rica is a tranquil, natural place and we work hard to conserve its heritage. Just above Samara Beach, overlooking this quaint, yet chic little town is an amazing mountain range rising from the entrance of Samara to an incredible 1400 ft, just minutes from the beach!

About Our Properties for Sale in Samara Costa Rica

Nestled into this mountain is Montana Samara Estates’ beautiful ocean view property, developed in an all natural setting. If you are looking for properties in Samara Costa Rica, Montana Samara Estates has been rated a “Must See” opportunity by both local and national organizations! Your search for properties for sale in Costa Rica has lead you here, let us show you what Montana Samara Estates has to offer.

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Samara Beach, Costa Rica

Guancaste's hidden gem. A chíc, laid back beach paradise.

Playa Samara, or Samara Beach, is one of Costa Rica's prettiest and safest beaches, yet it is also one of the country's best kept secrets. Enjoy a still traditional Costa Rican beach town where you can have first class beach front dining in a tropical fishing town setting.

About Montaña Samara

Your home will be nestled in the mountains of Costa Rica with views of the Pacific.

Montana Samara is a gated ocean view community with several properties for sale in Samara, Costa Rica.

It is a modern community in Playa Samara, Costa Rica. Our ecologically conscious community is nestled inside a
300 acre sanctuary blending into the majestic mountain landscape with untouched virgin forest. 80% of the community
boasts beautiful ocean views and the rest provide mountain valley forest views only a few minutes from one of Costa Rica’s
cleanest most pristine beaches; Samara. This beautiful development is at the edge of a biological corridor. Our community is secluded, tranquil, and inviting. You can have your retirement or vacation home here, contact us and find out the simple steps to make this a reality.

  • Infrastructure



    Peace of Mind.  Unlike most developers, Montana Samara offers 1 1/4 acres of ocean view properties for sale in Samara Costa Rica at pre-construction values only after all the roads, electricity and water have been put in place. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you will get what you are promised; a beautiful ocean view lot with road access in a well established development with the infrastructure complete.

  • Protecting Your Investment

    Protecting Your Investment

    Protecting Your Investment

    For your security. Montana Samara Estates not only encourages you to use a reputable title company and escrow services, we make it easy for you. We work with one of North America’s biggest and most trusted Title Company; Steward Title. We’ll happily help you find other companies if you prefer. It is important to take this extra precaution to secure your investment. We help you be safe with your investment in properties for sale in Samara Costa Rica.

  • Solid Construction

    Solid Construction

    Solid Construction

    Reputable, long established builder. Montana Samara’s builders are bi-lingual and are used to working with North Americans and North American standards.  We routinely build past minimum code requirements and most of our construction even surpasses Costa Rica’s stringent earthquake code. You are welcome to use any builder of your preference. We can help make your search for properties for sale in Samara Costa Rica safer!


Why Montaña Samara Estates

Montaña Samara Estates has offered properties for sale in Samara Costa Rica for years, and has become one of the oldest, most established and reputable gated communities in Costa Rica because we have remained dedicated to safeguarding your investment by using a team professionals that also stand out in their field for their knowledge, professionalism and reputation. Though we have worked with these teams for years, we can also help recommend or guide you if you would prefer to find your own set of professionals. We work with integrity and transparency and are happy to work with whomever you are most comfortable.

Financial Advisors

You have worked hard, and smart, to save what you have. You have nurtured your portfolio and your saving accounts carefully. We want to make sure you are confident this is the right step for you and how to do it safely. Get professional advice from Financial Advisers certified by the U.S. government when trying to find the right properties for Sale in Samara Costa Rica.

Solid Builders

Our builders have been professional home builders in Costa Rica for over a decade. They are familiar with the terrain, the materials that perform best in the country's tropical conditions and where they can reliably and cost effectively source them. We would not risk our hard earned reputation by using builders that do not have years of well deserved reputation for reliability and quality.

Tax Shelter

Learn how you can roll over your 401K and use your IRA account to make this your investment in properties for Sale in Samara Costa Rica safely and legally, not incur early withdrawal fees or penalties while continuing to defer interests. With U.S. Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP) you know you are taking full advantage of IRS approved ways to manage your tax advantaged accounts. Talk to our tax experts to help you continue to benefit from legal recourses at your disposal.

Fee Simple Deed

Fee simple ownership is the most comprehensive form of property ownership. It is the same type of ownership status as which most US properties are recognized. In Costa Rica foreigners have the same rights for this type of ownership as Costa Rican nationals. When you buy a fee simple title you have the most rights under the law to enjoy and use the property as you see fit.

Legal Services

With almost 20 years of buying, selling and registering properties in Costa Rica, we have established a large network of experienced professionals that are ethical, knowledgeable and trustworthy. We welcome you to work with whomever you are most comfortable, however we can certainly put you in touch with 1 or 2 established law firms that specialize in foreigners buying and selling properties for Sale in Samara Costa Rica, as well as properties in all of Costa Rica. Even if you decide not to become one of our residents, it is important to us to make sure you are in good hands as you navigate this purchase, so contact us for help.

Escrow and Title Companies

We have nothing to hide. We work with full transparency and work hard to ensure your transaction not only goes as smoothly and easily as possible, but with as much safeguards and insurances as possible to protect your investment throughout the process, giving you peace of mind and calm in an already potentially stressful transaction. To this end; we work with the 2 major Escrow companies in Costa Rica as well as using only attorneys that are legally authorized to set up Trust Accounts. We both welcome and encourage you to use these services.

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Some of our Properties for Sale in Samara Costa Rica

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Montana Samara Residence Tell You About Their Experience With Us & What It's Like to Live in Montana Samara Estates, and what they think about our properties for sale in Samara Costa Rica!

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